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OC: Arthur Cross by VaeteliaX OC: Arthur Cross :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 0 21 deviantID December 2011 by VaeteliaX deviantID December 2011 :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 1 2 deviantID August 2011 by VaeteliaX deviantID August 2011 :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 1 5 We Live Amongst Neon Trees by VaeteliaX We Live Amongst Neon Trees :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 6 11
HiNaBN: Why Are You Waiting?
     To Conrad, the thought of standing at a bus stop for an undetermined amount of time was utterly frustrating. How was one expected to be able to even contemplate trying to figure out what time the vandalised bus timetable said your bus would be coming? Even if he could understand, why would he bother being at a bus stop anyway? Why wait out in the chill of the autumn night, where every leaf that slipped past in the biting wind felt like it was attacking the points of his white shoes, when he could be working on an art piece at home or even just curling up in bed with a steaming mug of dinner by his side?
     The answer was Toni.
     It had taken her a while to convince him to abandon his Mac and step foot outside his apartment. At first, the excuses rolled in. I can't, I have commissions to work on. I can't, my favourite show is on tonight. I can't, you make me uncomfortable. Well, he hadn't told h
:iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 14 38
deviantID April 2011 by VaeteliaX deviantID April 2011 :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 4 20 HiNaBN: Dancing Under The Moon by VaeteliaX HiNaBN: Dancing Under The Moon :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 15 18 You Have Company by VaeteliaX You Have Company :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 34 11 deviantID January 2011 by VaeteliaX deviantID January 2011 :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 2 13
the wax drips, tendrils round my neck
crystallize my arms, infect me
to scrawl the words across the darkness
and feel that someone can be
because when the lights fall
nobody's serious
and no one can quite believe
that the paradise you see is set in stone
by the people you deny exist
and is a dimension that cannot be reversed
so bring me those scraps of sky i told you to save
make sure they aren't ruined
don't throw them away
my heart crusoes
like a linden tree on the promenade
that one night in june.
:iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 9 7
HiNaBN: Is Not A Mommy's Name
     Perhaps going to the bathroom ten minutes before the store was due to close had been a bad idea after all. Sure, he hadn't wanted to go in the first place, and sure, his manager had all but forced him to go so he wouldn't have to hold it all the way home. But he knew, he knew, that he would forget his umbrella, which had been clasped in his grip tightly so he wouldn't forget it this time, if he went. He should've just followed his gut instinct and hurried home to the comfort of his own bathroom.
     Still, that's not how it went. He did go to the bathroom in the store, and he did forget his umbrella. Again. So, as his manager locked up the store for the night, securing the store with a code and then shutting the shutters as Hanna gazed out at the pouring rain, he squeaked at the manager when he realised he forgot his umbrella. Why it took him so long to realise, he didn't know.
:iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 18 47
HiNaBN: Happy Birthday Baby by VaeteliaX HiNaBN: Happy Birthday Baby :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 27 26
HiNaBN: Aspects Of The Past
     As it happened, Conrad was terrible at dealing with his nerves. Anything that unnerved him was a no-go and tended to be abandoned. Whether that be an ominous phone call from that redheaded moron Hanna that always screamed trouble or a sudden onset of a raging thirst that he knew couldn't be quenched by just any liquid. Both were dealt with in the same way. Shoved to the furthest reaches of his subconscious where they could cause him no harm and would leave him with the peace he so desperately wanted.
     So, upon receiving an odd text one evening just after he'd woken up, Conrad felt he should've done all that was possible to put the strange, and definitely unexpected, pixelated words at the outskirts of his mind. At first glance, the upbeat and playful tone of the message labelled it as being one of Hanna's crazy delusions of grandeur. However, the vampire knew this couldn't be true as his iPhone had already forcibly had Hanna's
:iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 17 42
Don't Look, Tis Crap by VaeteliaX Don't Look, Tis Crap :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 4 18
HiNaBN: ArmyAU 9- I Believe
     There is death in war. It's a given. People – good people – die. They say that grief, that the loss of those good people, affects everyone in different ways. A lot of psychiatrists define it as having five stages; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance. Zombie had been through all five in the years since the war had ended. The destruction of that machine had been what had ended it all. Death followed swiftly; many fell after he had. Years later, it was what people cruelly described as sacrifice. For the greater good, they said.
     What good it did in the end, Zombie couldn't say. As he trailed after the fading light of the sun and lost himself in the darkening maze of the city, his thoughts, as they often did, turned to him. To Hanna. He was the only thing on his mind; the thoughts that had been haunting him for years. And with that tenacious, vibrant boy gone, so too was his purpose in life. Hann
:iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 9 37
deviantID December 2010 by VaeteliaX deviantID December 2010 :iconvaeteliax:VaeteliaX 2 22


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Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Hallo. I'm Emma, I'm twenty-one and I'm English. I love dA, drawing, photography and writing. I have a couple of long-time affairs with shows and or games, and they'll always be my favourites.
And that's about it I guess. Comment me with lovely things and let me know what you think of my publications! Below are the links to my Quizilla and Fanfiction pages. :]


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  • Drinking: Tea
Woof! It's been a while, huh? I hope you've all been having a great time, and that's you're all still working hard to produce fabulous art or literature!

In all honesty, I've made this journal to do a bit of shameless plugging. While many of you are fantastic writers, I understand it can be tedious to proofread and edit your work, or that having to read back your own work means you don't always spot your mistakes. This is where I come in. If you need some help with proofreading or know someone that does, please check out my shop on Etsy!

From blog posts to speeches, poetry to prose, fiction to non-fiction, I edit with a keen eye and a fast turnaround. If you’ve written it, I can proofread it. Need something looked at quickly? I guarantee to proofread and return to you within three days of receiving. With a degree in Creative Writing, I have years of experience and promise to give my professional feedback, whilst also sticking to your personal style as closely as possible. I meticulously examine your work and put forth my honest opinion concerning grammar, punctuation, pacing, tone and clarity.

This would really help me out while I’m trying to break into publishing, just to bring in some extra cash. Find the link to my shop below.

Also, I was contacted by someone recently asking after a one shot. Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about the fandom they were requesting, but it got me considering doing them again, just to get the creative juices flowing. So if you'd like one, let me know! For now, I'd start off with just Ace Attorney one shots, but might consider others if I know them.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Lots of love and all that jazz!

Emma out~


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